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WallBlank prints now up

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Just a quick update: I mentioned I was having some prints produced a few days ago; they’ve now been added to WallBank. I wrote up the process in Vector Output, so go have a read if you’re curious about how I did it. I have a print sitting on my desk, the paper is a thick high quality archival stock, and the ink is quite a bit richer than the on-site preview.

In an interesting case of things coming around full circle, apparently the whole idea behind WallBlank’s site was inspired by a post I wrote on the main blog last year. Seems only fitting that I’d contribute something sooner or later.

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Thursday, August 6th, 2009

I meant to move on from all-ellipses all-the-time already, but I wanted to try some interaction effects. While adapting one of my previous sketches, I stumbled on this neat marble effect that I’ve been playing with for a few days. Though it started as a happy accident, it’s good enough that I think I might actually take this one further and produce some sort of tangible item.

But that’s going to take some time and research. In the meantime, here are a few conveniently wallpaper-sized images I’ve saved out, feel free to nab one for your desktop:


Or, of course, for your iPhone:


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Dot Cube

Friday, July 24th, 2009

I’m back to dots again. This time I’m stacking them in an orderly cube, and with the random palette some of them look pretty darn good.

I can’t get this one exported into anything usable in a browser for some reason; the applet that Processing creates just doesn’t want to run. I suspected the photos I’m using to generate the palette are to blame, but after hitting up the troubleshooting guide I appear to be doing everything right. The main symptom (aside from not running) is that the exported applet is only sized to 100×100 in the browser, which is a) wrong and b) strange.

Anyway, in lieu of something you can play with, here are some screen caps:


If for some reason you really really trust me, you can download the native applications Processing generates (Mac OS X, Windows, both around 2.5MB) and play with them on your own system. No guarantees they won’t hose your computer, but, they shouldn’t.

(Use the mouse to rotate the cube, press a or z to zoom in and out — or the mousewheel, but that’s buggy — and you can kind of drag it up and down to reposition, though that doesn’t work well either. Hit the spacebar for a fresh palette. Oh, and s will save out a PNG of the current frame if you’re so inclined.)

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