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Pure Visuals

After putting ioLib out there a month or so back, I wanted to get back into the early experimental days of my Processing discovery for a while and create some purely visual sketches that were just simple generated visuals. With ioLib added to the mix of course, so I could manipulate and save out variations as I saw fit.

There are two I’ve been playing with in particular. All images below are saved at wallpaper-friendly 2500×2500, in case you have a mad urge to use them for anything. (I’ve been considering creating a new Flickr account to dump the high-res output of various sketches to make sharing this stuff easier, but I’m still not convinced I need to pay another $25 for another pro account to make that happen.)

The first, ShapeDistortion, takes a basic grid of primitive polygons and adds distortion, roundedness via curveVertex, and combines them with my typical generated palette secret sauce. As a bonus I built in some high-res texture support, though I only got as far as applying it to the background of the scene rather than on a shape-by-shape basis.

The second one, PaletteRays, shows the benefit of having controllable variables within a sketch. Using Perlin Noise and rotating around a central axis, the sketch plots thousands of semi-transparent circles that fade from one colour to the next, creating a fairly uniform blob effect. These are all from a single starting point and the different views are simply tweaked conditions while the sketch is running. It shows amazing amount of variety within the same basic framework; the focal blur effect is particularly surprising.

Now these pieces are in place, I suspect the next step will be tying in some external data sources and do something a little more interesting than straight up visual effects.

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3 Responses to “Pure Visuals”

  1. Kaizer says:

    Awesome! Maybe you can share how you go about doing this?

  2. Dave says:

    It’s not as easy as showing a simple script anymore. Since I’m using my ioLib library for controlling the scene and giving myself the ability to rebuild each frame dynamically every time I hit a key, the code runs upwards of 500 – 1000 lines. The core algorithms aren’t terribly complicated, but extracting them from the rest would be a little tedious.

    More likely, at some point in the future when I feel like I’m done with these I’ll drop them into my shared sketches folder on GitHub (http://github.com/mezzoblue/Miscellaneous-Sketches)

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