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Quicktime X = no love for Processing

Today saw a bit of a setback in my latest project. I jumped the gun and installed a shiny new copy of Snow Leopard on one of my computers, the main one I’ve been using for all my Processing tinkering. I knew in advance which apps would be affected, but didn’t really think of the implications of the new Quicktime X update.

Turns out the QTJava library that sites between Processing and the Quicktime codecs that allow it to output video has been deprecated as of Quicktime X. Last night I did my first test render and it looked great; today I don’t have the ability to output .mov files anymore. So, that’s fun.

I’ve got a second computer with plain old Leopard on it that I can still render from, but I wish I’d taken advantage of that second of hesitation when I saw the “install Quicktime 7″ checkbox as I upgraded this morning. There’s probably a way to get it back, I’ll update if I find out what it is.

Update: So getting it back wasn’t hard. On the Snow Leopard install DVD there’s a folder called “Optional Installs”; run the package in there and select Quicktime 7 from the list.

Except that doesn’t seem to work. Even with Quicktime 7 I can’t seem to save out a movie file. Drat.

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