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I meant to move on from all-ellipses all-the-time already, but I wanted to try some interaction effects. While adapting one of my previous sketches, I stumbled on this neat marble effect that I’ve been playing with for a few days. Though it started as a happy accident, it’s good enough that I think I might actually take this one further and produce some sort of tangible item.

But that’s going to take some time and research. In the meantime, here are a few conveniently wallpaper-sized images I’ve saved out, feel free to nab one for your desktop:


Or, of course, for your iPhone:


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4 Responses to “Marbles”

  1. Jake Howlett says:

    Beautiful. I love it! You’ve got me addicted to Processing. What are the chances of seeing the PDE file for these marble images?

  2. Dave says:

    I’ll probably start putting up my code sooner or later. I feel like it has to be at least a little polished before I put it out there for public consumption, a point I haven’t quite reached yet.

  3. Jake Howlett says:

    Understand Dave. Will wait with anticipation. If in the mean time you want to email me the unpolished version I’d be happy to visit any wishlist you may have.

    On another note, some time ago I went through a phase of making “physiogram” photos. You can see a couple of them here:


    Made with a torch hanging on a piece of string and a long shutter exposure. Fun but way more hassle than writing a bit of code.

    Was just wondering if it would be a challenge for you to reproduce in code?


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